What’s New

Wednesday 22nd November at 7.30pm: Bible Study and Prayer – Acts Ch. 16 v. 16-40

Saturday 25th November at 9.00am: Men’s Breakfast in the chapel hall.  Chris Crocker, a keen bee-keeper, will be talking about bees

Sunday 26th November at 10.30am: our Pastor, Chris, will  be continuing the series on Jonah: The Reluctant Missionary (Jonah Ch. 4) and Communion

Then at 6.30pm: Ed Stuart will be our speaker

Further Notices:

Thursday 30th November at 10.15am: Townwell Tots in the chapel hall

Tuesday 12th December at 7.00pm: Cromhall Crafters in the chapel hall

Thursday 14th December at 10.15: Townwell Tots Christmas Party